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Based in Ponta Delgada, at São Miguel island, the Azores Greenland TOURS has experience and dynamism in tourism services. We are always looking for the best compromise for our customers, able to offer various route solutions, with diversification, exclusivity and quality above all, to discover São Miguel on the best way that you can wish.

Azores Greenland TOURS conducts daily tours, in and off road, with predefined packages or customized to individual travelers, groups or families, always on safe and comfortable vehicles, without forgetting other activities to choose with some of our partners.

Our professional staff includes experienced guides who will show you with dedication, every best corners of the island with its natural beauties and our Portuguese history with almost 600 years, thus creating, unforgettable experiences for our customers.

Sete Cidades

The volcanic complex of Sete Cidades is a central volcano poligenetic of trachyte nature, with a collapsed caldera at the top. This great depression features a nearly circular outline, called caldera, with an average diameter of 5.3 km and a maximum depth of about 630 meters, was formed about 36.000 years, giving rise to the largest lake in the Azores.

Caldeira Velha

The Caldeira Velha, located on the northern flank of the fire volcano, integrates a secondary volcanism zone composed of fumaroles, and a thermal spring sprouting on rail fracture at the base of coulée trachyte. This spring, and the associated creeck, feeds two waterfalls, the second of which has a dam on his base, that creates a pleasant bathing area, surrounded by a lush vegetation.


The Furnas Volcano is a large volcanic edifice, formed by numerous eruptions, interspersed with periods of calm, over the past 800.000 years. Presents a great depression on top, called caldera, with 8 km by 5.6 km and encompasses an important geodiversity, like the Lagoa das Furnas, many small volcanoes (such as slag cones, Tuff rings and domes like Pico do Ferro), hotspring fields and a wide variety of mineral and thermal springs: the “hidrópole” from Furnas.

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